The Desert Museum

The Desert Museum in Loiyangalani is ready in opposition to the backdrop of the stunning Lake Turkana, additionally called the Jade Sea for its close to magical colors.

The museum is devoted to instructing vacationers approximately the particular cultures of the indigenous tribes of the Turkana region. Artefacts encompass conventional gadgets utilized by the humans residing off this harsh, however stunning land.

The series truly makes a speciality of their weaponry and searching equipment and thrilling facts forums may be discovered in the course of this superbly designed structure.

The Desert Museum

What to do there

Learn greater approximately the history, life-style and way of life of those 8 tribes. In addition, to neighborhood folklore and topography of the region close by. Or pass camping, looking for souvenirs, cultural excursions to close by villages, go to the beaches, rock portray sites, pass fishing, swimming and boating. Or go to the region for the Turkana festival, held annually.


Striped skunks, a jackrabbit, frogs, snakes and lizards are featured. View bobcats, a grey fox, and an ocelot in herbal settings. See a river otter, beavers, bighorn sheep, fishes and aquatic invertebrates. This massive free-flight aviary capabilities a number of species local to the Sonoran Desert region.

Wildlife animals in the desert

How to get there

By car, plane or boat for other parts of the lake. There is an all-weather airstrip in the town of Loiyangalani, from where you can rent a car or take other transportation to the museum. You can also get to Loiyangalani. by bus. 


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