Ngangao Forest

Ngangao Forest is a forest reserve located in the Taita Hills of Taita Taveta County in Kenya. It covers an area of approximately 6,000 hectares and is situated at an altitude of 1,800-2,200 meters above sea level. The forest is part of the Eastern Arc Mountains, a range of ancient mountains that stretches from Kenya to Tanzania.

Ngangao Forest
Ngangao Forest


Bird watching

Ngangao Forest is home to over 200 bird species, making it a paradise for bird watchers. Some of the bird species found in the forest include the African green pigeon, Narina trogon, and the emerald cuckoo.


There are several hiking trails in Ngangao Forest that offer visitors the chance to explore the forest’s diverse ecosystem. These trails are suitable for both experienced hikers and beginners.

Nature Walks

If you prefer a more leisurely pace, you can take a nature walk through the forest and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Butterfly watching

The forest is also home to a variety of butterfly species, including the African giant swallowtail, the brown-veined white, and the African queen.


There are several picnic sites where visitors can relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.


If you want to spend more time, you can camp at one of the designated camping sites. Camping is a great way to immerse yourself in the forest and experience its beauty at night.

Wildlife viewing

Ngangao Forest is home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, bushbucks, and duikers. Visitors can spot these animals while on a hike or nature walk.


The Forest provides a beautiful backdrop for photography enthusiasts. The forest’s lush greenery and diverse wildlife make it a great location for nature photography.


Attractions around Taita Taveta

Taita Taveta is a county in Kenya located in the Coast Province. It is home to a number of natural and cultural attractions that are worth visiting. Some of the top attractions in Taita Taveta include:

Attractions around Taita Taveta
Attractions around Taita Taveta

This is one of the largest and oldest wildlife parks in Kenya. And it is home to a diverse range of animals, including elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, and more.

  1. Tsavo West National Park: This park is located in the southern part of Taita Taveta. Its scenic beauty, wildlife, and birdlife are known. It is home to the Mzima Springs, a natural water source that attracts a variety of animals.
  2. Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary is located in the Taita Hills and is home to a variety of wildlife, including elephants, lions, and buffalo. Over 300 species of birds are found in the area, making it known for its birdlife.
  3. Lake Jipe: This is a shallow lake located on the border between Kenya and Tanzania. Over 300 species of birds are found in the area, making it known for its birdlife.
  4. Wundanyi: This is a small town located in the Taita Hills, known for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage. It is home to the Taita Hills Forest, which is a popular hiking and birdwatching destination.
  5. Mzima Springs: This is a natural spring located in Tsavo West National Park, known for its crystal-clear water and resident hippos and crocodiles.
  6. Shomoto Hill: This is a scenic hill located in the Taita Hills, known for its panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.
  7. Ngangao Forest: This is a pristine forest located in the Taita Hills, known for its unique birdlife and hiking trails.
  8. Taita Hills Cultural Centre: This is a museum and cultural center located in Wundanyi, dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the Taita people.
  9. Sagalla Hill: This is a scenic hill located in the Taita Hills, known for its panoramic views and hiking trails. Additionally, it is also home to a number of caves that were once used by the Taita people.

About Magical Kenya Open

The Magical Kenya Open in the season 2023 is being played in Nairobi, Kenia at the Muthaiga GC. The tournament starts at the Thursday, 9th of March and ends at the Sunday, 12th of March 2023.

Magical Kenya Open 2023
Magical Kenya Open 2023

It is part of the European Tour in the season 2023. In 2023 all players competing for a total prize money of 2 Mio Dollar.

The course for the tournament at Muthaiga GC plays at Par 71.


This year’s Kenya open has attracted over 156 golfers from across the world, including 8 Kenyan professionals (pros) and 6 amateurs. Among the key international golfers set to participate in the tournament is defending champion, Ashun Wu from China.

Kenya will be represented as follows:

1. Kenyan amateurs in Kenya Open 2023:

  • Daniel Nduva
  • Jastas Madoya
  • Greg Snow
  • Samuel Njoroge
  • Mike Kisia
  • Mutahi Kibugu
  • Simon Ngige
  • Dismas Indiza.

2. Kenyan amateurs in Kenya Open 2023:

  • Adel Balala
  • Njoroge Kibugu
  • John Lejirma
  • Jay Sandhu
  • Dennis Maara
  • Daniel Kiragu


Thursday March 9 – Ksh. 1,000
Friday March 10 – – Ksh. 1,000
Saturday March 11 – – Ksh. 2,000
Sunday March 12 – Ksh. 2,000
Season ticket- Thursday to Sunday – Ksh. 5,000

Buy tickets from here

Neptune Hotels Chain

Neptune Hotels is a hotel chain with several properties in different locations. They offer a variety of accommodation options including luxury resorts, family-friendly hotels, and beachfront properties. Some of their popular hotels include:

Neptune Pwani Beach Resort & Spa

Neptune Pwani Beach Resort & Spa is located on the north east coast of Zanzibar on the pristine Kiwengwa coast, approximately 45 miles from Zanzibar International Airport.The resort is a spacious and cozy luxury resort in Zanzibar with details. This is an all-inclusive resort inspired by Zanzibar culture and chic contemporary style throughout. All rooms at Neptune Pwani Beach Resort & Spa have patios and stunning ocean views, and four Beach Suites have whirlpool tubs.


+255 774 567 893 / +255 774 567 894 / +255 774 567 895
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Neptune Paradise Beach Resort & Spa

The Neptune Paradise Beach Resort in Diani is set in a beautiful tropical garden. All 92 rooms are located in makuti roof bungalows with only 4 rooms per unit. This offers you a relaxing and peaceful beach holiday in Diani.

The perfect combination of hotel and nature, Neptune Paradise Beach Resort’s restaurants and bars offer an authentic African atmosphere. The resort is located on the south coast, on the famous Diani Beach.The city of Mombasa is around 40 km away, Moi International Airport around 45 km and the nearby Ukunda Airport just 8 km.


+254 716 016 000 / +254 113 297 615 / +254 755 150 334
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Neptune Beach Resort

Eptune Beach Resort is located on the silvery sands of Bamburi Beach, 14 km north of Mombasa and approximately 24 km from Moi International Airport. and corridors. A favorite with repeat guests, this resort offers great service and a family atmosphere.

A special highlight is the lush garden and the new terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean. There are many quiet areas throughout the resort, including a newly created “cafe” for rest and relaxation. The large entrance hall and the impressive bedrooms create an open feeling and leave plenty of room for a very individual holiday.


+254 734 346 942 / +254 785 609 881
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Neptune Village Beach Resort & Spa

The exclusive all-inclusive Neptune Village Beach Resort & Spa is located on Diani Beach overlooking the Indian Ocean, 8 km from Diani Beach Art Gallery and 10 km from Leisure Golf Club. The spacious guest rooms are housed in whitewashed thatched roof bungalows (4 units per bungalow) and are equipped with satellite television, mini fridge and safe.

They all have a balcony or terrace, tea and coffee making facilities and free WiFi. The apartments also have a seating area. This hotel offers food and drinks in 2 restaurants and 2 bars.


+254 716 016 000 / +254 113 297 615 / +254 755 150 334
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Neptune Ngorongoro Luxury Lodge

Neptune Ngorongoro Luxury Lodge is a luxurious safari lodge located in the Karatu area, near the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania. The lodge is situated on a picturesque hill with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The lodge offers comfortable and spacious accommodation options, as well as a range of amenities and activities for guests to enjoy.

Accommodation options at Neptune Ngorongoro Luxury Lodge include 20 luxury suites and one family suite. All suites feature a private balcony with views of the surrounding landscape, as well as a fireplace, a king-size bed, a seating area, and an en-suite bathroom with a shower and bathtub.


 +255 626 280 869 / +255 626 280 870
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Neptune Mara Rianta Luxury Camp

Neptune Mara Rianta Luxury Camp is a luxurious safari camp located in the heart of the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The camp is situated along the Mara River, surrounded by beautiful wilderness and wildlife. The camp offers comfortable and spacious accommodation options, as well as a range of amenities and activities for guests to enjoy.

Accommodation options at Neptune Mara Rianta Luxury Camp include 20 luxury tents, including 14 tents with king-size beds and 6 twin-bedded tents.


+254 788 262 666
Reservation :

Neptune Palm Beach Boutique Resort & Spa

Neptune Palm Beach Boutique Resort & Spa is a luxurious resort located on Diani Beach in the south coast of Mombasa, Kenya. The resort offers a peaceful and tranquil setting, surrounded by tropical gardens and with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The resort offers comfortable and stylish accommodation options, as well as a range of amenities and activities for guests to enjoy.

Accommodation options at Neptune Palm Beach Boutique Resort & Spa include 60 deluxe rooms, 2 junior suites, and 2 executive suites.


+254 716 016 000 / +254 113 297 615 / +254 755 150 334
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Neptune Hotels Rates

The charges for Neptune Hotels vary depending on the location, season, room type, and the specific package or offer selected.

To get specific information on the charges for Neptune Hotels, you can visit their official website or contact them directly through their customer service channels.

You can also find information on travel booking websites or consult with a travel agent to help you find the best deals and prices for your desired dates and location

Neptune Hotels Contacts

Regional Sales

International Sales

Mombasa is a beautiful coastal city in Kenya known for its rich history, culture, and stunning beaches. Here are some places to visit in Mombasa


Fort Jesus

This historic fort was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors can explore the fort’s museums and exhibits, which tell the story of Mombasa’s history.

Old Town

This historic neighborhood is known for its beautiful architecture, narrow streets, and lively markets. Visitors can wander through the streets or visit local shops and restaurants, and see historic buildings such as the Swahili House and the Old Post Office.

Mombasa Marine National Park

This protected area is home to a wide variety of marine life, including coral reefs, dolphins, and sea turtles. Visitors can take boat tours or snorkeling trips to explore the park’s underwater world.

Haller Park

This wildlife sanctuary is home to a variety of animals, including giraffes, zebras, and hippos. Visitors can take guided tours of the park and see the animals up close.

Mombasa Tusks

These iconic white tusks are located at the entrance of Mombasa’s Moi Avenue. They were built in 1952 to commemorate Princess Margaret’s visit to the city.

Nyali Beach Mombasa

This beautiful beach is popular with tourists and locals alike. Visitors can relax on the sand, swim in the clear blue water, and enjoy water sports such as windsurfing and jet skiing.

Bombolulu Workshop and Cultural Centre

This center is dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional African handicrafts. Visitors can watch artisans at work, see exhibits of traditional crafts, and purchase handmade goods.

Eliye Springs Resort is a popular tourist destination located in Kenya. It is situated on the shores of Lake Turkana, the largest desert lake in the world. The resort offers a range of activities for visitors including fishing, boat rides, bird watching, and cultural visits to the local Turkana community.

Eliye Springs Resort
Eliye Springs Resort

Accommodation at the Resort includes traditional Turkana huts and tents, as well as more modern options such as cottages and suites. The resort also features a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and conference facilities.

It is a great place to unwind and relax in a peaceful and scenic environment. It is also a good starting point for exploring the surrounding area, which is known for its unique geological features and diverse wildlife.


Eliye Springs Resort is located in Kenya and offers a variety of accommodations for its guests.

  1. Bandas: These are traditional-style thatched-roof bungalows that can accommodate up to 4 people. They come with either a double bed or two single beds and a private bathroom.
  2. Camping: Guests can also choose to camp at the resort. There are campsites available that come with shared bathroom facilities.
  3. Chalets: Eliye Springs Resort also has chalets available that can accommodate up to 2 people. These come with a private bathroom, a double bed, and a small sitting area.
  4. Family Suite: This is a larger accommodation option that can accommodate up to 5 people. It comes with two bedrooms, a private bathroom, a kitchenette, and a small living area.
  5. Executive Suite: This is the most luxurious option available at Eliye Springs Resort. It comes with a private balcony, a king-size bed, a private bathroom, and a living area with a sofa and coffee table.

All accommodations at Eliye Springs Resort come with basic amenities like mosquito nets, fans, and daily housekeeping.

Tourism in Kakamega County is located in western Kenya and is known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. The county has a number of attractions that make it a popular destination for tourists. Some of the most notable tourist sites in Kakamega include

The famous crying stone
The famous crying stone

1. Kakamega Forest: This is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and is one of the few remaining tropical     rainforests in Kenya. The forest is home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, butterflies, and birds.

2.Ilesi Hill: This is a popular hiking destination located in the heart of Kakamega. The hill offers panoramic   views of the surrounding landscape and is a popular spot for picnics.

3.Maragoli Cultural Centre: This cultural centre is located in the town of Vihiga and showcases the rich         cultural heritage of the Maragoli people. Visitors can learn about traditional dances, music, and food, and  see displays of traditional clothing and artifacts.

4.Kitale Museum: This museum is located in the town of Kitale and showcases the history and culture of   the people of western Kenya. Visitors can learn about the local flora and fauna, as well as the cultural   traditions of the region.

5.Le’Hermon Hill: This hill is located in the town of Kakamega and is a popular spot for sunset viewing.   The hill offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and is a popular spot for picnics and    outdoor activities.

Hotels Around Kakamenga

  1. Rondo Retreat Centre – located in the heart of the Kakamega Forest, this retreat center offers comfortable accommodation in a peaceful and natural setting.
  2. Golf Hotel Kakamega – situated in Kakamega town, this hotel offers easy access to various tourist attractions and has amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and restaurant.
  3. The Green Guest House – located near the Crying Stone of Ilesi, this guest house offers affordable accommodation with basic amenities.
  4. Masinde Muliro Gardens Hotel – situated near the Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, this hotel offers comfortable accommodation with amenities such as a swimming pool, restaurant, and bar.
  5. Crest Park Hotel – located in the town of Kakamega, this hotel offers affordable accommodation with basic amenities and easy access to various tourist attractions.

What to Carry

  1. Comfortable walking shoes.
  2. Insect repellent.
  3. Raincoat or umbrella.
  4. Binoculars.
  5. Camera.
  6. Drinking water.
  7. Sunscreen.
  8. Hat or cap.
  9. Money.

Best  Time to visit Tourism in Kakamega county

The best time to visit Kakamega for tourism is during the dry season from June to October and December to February.


Vet Lab Sports Club is a sports club located in Nairobi, Kenya. It was established in 1923 as a club for veterinary officers, hence the name “Vet Lab.” Over the years, it has grown to become a popular sports club for various sporting activities.

The club has several facilities, including a golf course, tennis courts, squash courts, and a swimming pool. It also has a clubhouse with a restaurant and bar for members to socialize and relax after games.

Vet Lab is particularly known for its golf course, which is considered one of the best in Kenya. The course has hosted several major golf tournaments, including the Kenya Open and the East African Classic. It is also the home course for several professional golfers in Kenya.

Vet Lab Sports
Vet Lab Sports

Activities at Vet Lab

  1. Golf: Vet Lab Sports Club has a championship golf course that is open to members and guests. The course is well-maintained and provides a challenging but enjoyable round of golf.
  2. Tennis: There are several tennis courts at Vet Lab Sports Club, which are open for members to use. The club also hosts regular tennis tournaments and coaching sessions.
  3. Squash: It has a number of squash courts, which are available for members to use. The club hosts regular squash tournaments and coaching sessions.
  4. Swimming: The club has a large swimming pool that is open to members and their guests. There is also a children’s pool for younger members.
  5. Fitness: Vet Lab  has a well-equipped gym and offers fitness classes, such as aerobics, yoga, and Pilates.
  6. Social events: The club hosts a variety of social events throughout the year, including parties, dinners, and dances.

hotels around the golf club
hotels around the golf club

Vet Lab Golf Club Contacts

Overall, Vet Lab Sports Club offers a range of activities for members of all ages and interests.

Vet Lab Sports Club is a popular golf club located in Nairobi, Kenya. Here are the contact details for the club:

Address: Vet Lab Road, Off Miotoni Road, Karen P.O. Box 24981 – 00502 Nairobi, Kenya

Phone Number: +254 722 204114







Sigona Golf Club is a golf course located in Kikuyu, a town in Kiambu County, Kenya. The club is situated approximately 17 kilometers from Nairobi and is accessible through the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. The golf course covers a total area of 200 acres and was established in 1938.

Sigona is known for its challenging 18-hole championship golf course, which was designed by the famous golf course architect Tom Simpson.

The course has hosted numerous prestigious events, including the Kenya Open, a European Challenge Tour event. The club also has other facilities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a restaurant.

In addition to golf, Sigona Golf Club also offers other activities such as bird watching, nature walks, and fishing in the nearby dam.

The club is also involved in various environmental conservation activities, including tree planting and wetland restoration.

The golf is open to members and non-members, and visitors are welcome to play golf at the course.

Sigona Golf Club
Sigona Golf Club

Activities at Sigona Golf Club

The Club is located in Kikuyu, Kiambu County, Kenya. It is a popular golf course that offers a wide range of activities to its members and guests. Some of the activities at Sigona Golf Club include:

  1. Golfing: The club boasts of an 18-hole championship golf course that is well-maintained and challenging for golfers of all levels. Members and guests can enjoy a round of golf while taking in the beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.
  2. Tennis: Sigona Golf Club has two tennis courts that are available for use by members and guests. Tennis enthusiasts can enjoy playing singles or doubles on these courts.
  3. Swimming: The club has a large swimming pool that is open to members and guests. The pool area is perfect for lounging and relaxing after a round of golf or a game of tennis.
  4. Gym: The club has a well-equipped gym that is available to members. The gym has a variety of exercise equipment, including cardio machines and weightlifting equipment.
  5. Dining: The club has several dining options, including a restaurant, bar, and snack bar. Members and guests can enjoy a variety of dishes, from local Kenyan cuisine to international favorites.
  6. Corporate events: Sigona is a popular venue for corporate events, including conferences, meetings, and team-building activities. The club has several meeting rooms and event spaces that can accommodate groups of different sizes.
  7. Weddings and parties: The club is also a popular venue for weddings and other social events. The beautiful surroundings and excellent facilities make it a perfect location for a memorable celebration.

In summary, Sigona offers a range of activities for its members and guests, including golfing, tennis, swimming, gym, dining, corporate events, weddings, and parties.

Sigona Golf Club
Sigona Golf Club

How to get there

Sigona Golf Club is located in Kikuyu, Kiambu County, Kenya. Here are some directions on how to get there:

  1. By Car: You can drive to Sigona Golf Club from Nairobi. Take Waiyaka Way and drive towards Kikuyu town. At the Kikuyu roundabout, take the road towards Limuru. Drive for about 3 km, and you will see the Sigona Golf Club entrance on your left.
  2. By Public Transport: You can take a matatu (shared taxi) from Nairobi to Kikuyu town. From Kikuyu town, you can take a boda-boda (motorbike taxi) or a taxi to Sigona Golf Club.
  3. By Taxi: You can also take a taxi from Nairobi to Sigona Golf Club. Taxis can be booked through various taxi-hailing apps or arranged through a local taxi service.

I hope this information helps you get to Sigona Golf Club. Safe travels!.

Best Hotels in Mombasa, Kenya’s second-largest city, is a popular tourist destination. Thanks to its excellent location on the Indian Ocean. Try one of the best beaches hotels in Mombasa when planning a trip.

Best Hotel in Mombasa

1. Pride Inn Paradise Beach Hotel

Pride Inn Paradise Beach hotel in Mombasa is renowned as a first of its kind in the coast region of Kenya. Proudly known to have Africa’s largest Beach Convention Centre and the first & only family Aqua Park Resort in Mombasa, Kenya.


Located in the Shanzu along the Mombasa-Malindi highway, 20 Kilometers from Mombasa town and 500 Kilometers from Nairobi.

The hotel is the first to introduce the concept of bleisure in the Kenyan coast. Business and leisure at Pride Inn Paradise is a lifestyle statement for the discerning and quality conscious.

Best Hotel in Mombasa

2. Pride Inn Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa Hotel

PrideInn Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa is a charming boutique hotel with 137 roomy suites, an Olympic-sized free-form pool, a distinctive beach cave bar, and entertainment options.

A big lagoon-shaped swimming pool and gardens surround each of the six independent, four-story structures that hold the rooms, each of which has full air conditioning.

Every room features a private shower and cubicle, as well as a large balcony with a table and chairs. 85 ordinary rooms, 36 premium rooms, and 16 suites are available.

Location: along the Mombasa-Malindi highway, 20 Kilometers from Mombasa town and 500 Kilometers from Nairobi.

How to acess the hotel :A trip of 6 hours by road,

5 hours by train and 45 minutes by air. From the Sabasaba junction, head North towards the North Coast, on Khamis Road/Malindi Road/Nyali Road/B8 toward Ronald NgalaRoad/B8, past Nyali bridge, past city mall and past Bamburi.

Accessible through Moi International Airport for domestic and international flights, also available is a Safari link access from Wilson Airport to Vipingo Ridge Airstrip.

Best Hotel in Mombasa

3. Voyager Beach Resort Hotel

Voyager Beach Resort hotel is a luxurious 4-star hotel with a stunning location overlooking the picturesque Indian Ocean. Located just a few miles outside of Mombasa city center, this hotel features modern comforts and amenities, lush gardens and the opportunity to enjoy the delights of coastal Kenya.

Voyager Beach Resort
Voyager Beach Hotel

4. Severin Sea Lodge Hotel

The Severin Sea Lodge is an oasis of calm and rest within side the center of a massive palm garden. The hotel is located on the Indian Ocean coast on Bamburi Beach, approximately 12 km from Mombasa city and 20 km from the airport.

The hotel has 188 rooms and was lovingly built in the traditional Swahili style: Round bungalows, buildings and two swimming pools blend harmoniously into an extensive palm grove. Our rooms and suites are furnished with handmade wooden furniture and designed in a classic and natural style.

5. Sarova Whites Sands Beach Resort & Spa Hotel

Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa is amongst the best hotels in Mombasa. Additionally, It is both a luxury beach hotel as well as an adventure beach resort. Also offering world class facilities and activities to both corporate travelers and families looking for fun and recreation.

Our beachfront location on the pristine white sandy beaches of Mombasa. Makes it the ideal place to relax and enjoy all that Kenya has to offer you.

6. Travelers Beach Hotel & Club

Travelers is dedicated to give you a relaxed and home like feeling. The hotel provides a accommodation facility with luxurious amenities to enhance your stay and make it a memorable one.

The amenities include telephone services, split air conditioner, balconies with panoramic view of the ocean and the swimming pool.

7. Nyali Beach Hotel

Kicking off this list of the best beaches in Mombasa is the magnificent Nyali Beach. This less crowded, scenic, and clean beach is situated along the north coast, only a short drive from the city.

Furthermore, due to its proximity to Mombasa, Nyali Beach is perfect for anyone looking for a beach outing away from crowds in the coastal capital. The beach is easily accessible and offers an opportunity for relaxing, swimming, surfing, and beach strolls.

  • Location: ?Nyali Beach, Mombasa


Nyali hosts plenty of vacation rentals and some of the best beach resorts and hotels in Mombasa. If you’re wondering where to stay near Nyali Beach, here are my top three recommendations.

9. Serena Beach Resort & Spa

Guests arriving at Serena Beach Resort & Spa find an oasis of tranquility framed by whispering coconut palms, lush gardens and one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches on the Indian Ocean. We invite you to discover a whole new level of relaxation and comfort at this warm, family-friendly tropical paradise in Mombasa, Kenya.

With a selection of the best Mombasa hotel guest roomsrestaurants and social areas charmingly arranged among winding lanes and manicured oceanfront lawns, our Shanzu beach resort exudes the timeless.

10. English point Marina Hotel in Mombasa

Hotel English Point & Spa has brought to Africa a modern international development that offers the very best in lifestyle and luxury. Facilities include a boutique hotel with rooms and suites, conference facilities, a luxury spa and well equipped gym, boardwalk with waterfront restaurants, an infinity swimming pool and pool bar. An inner and outer pier venue ideal for events including cocktail.