Hell’s Gate National Park is situated simply south of Lake Naivasha northwest of Nairobi It is the easiest national park in Kenya to explore on foot. Unlike several national parks in Kenya, there are no predators here, apart from the occasional leopard sighting. The park itself was connected and returned in 1984 and named Hell’s Gate because of the forces at work shaping the national park from below. This is the main desire of thrill-seekers; Mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking are some of the essential activities.

Hell’s Gate

How to get to Hell’s Gate

The best way to get to Hell’s Gate National Park is by road along the scenic cliffs of the Rift Valley

The journey is 90km and takes about two hours depending on traffic which can be quite congested on the escarpment with trucks coming from Athi River.

A short flight from Wilson Airport to Naivasha is available. There are some daily flights that take less than an hour, but they are quite expensive.

Your accommodation will pick you up and organize trips to park.

It is also possible to fly to the Masai Mara from here if that is your next destination.

Hell’s gate national park The pride rock

 Hell’s Gate Activities to enjoy

Hiking and climbing the Canyons

Visitors can hike a bit while walking through the gorge. As you can imagine, the views of the gorge are wonderful from these high points, but the journey there is difficult and risky. There are some good places to climb mountains. Fisherman’s Tower is a great place for mountaineers. Climbers of moderate ability will love scaling this cliff.


Its Fun Cycling through the park and encounter zebras and giraffes along the way. The cost of transporting a bike to the house is 200 KSH, and the cost of renting a bike is approximately 1,000 to 1,500 KSH. You can rent a bike at the crossroads in front of the entrance. They may charge more money, but you can usually haggle a bit to get a fair price.

Hell’s Gate Visiting the gorges

A guide is essential if you plan to enter water-filled gorges. It’s one of the most exciting activities in the park, but it’s also risky. If you want to go there, you have to pay attention and hire a guide. The Maasai act as guides, leading visitors through the gorge.

Hell’s Gate Hot spring visits

Hells Gate has great springs, a unique bathing experience and enticing views of the waterfalls in the gorge. The canyon is amazing to explore, but there is a chance of flash floods. In some instances, both tourists.

When to Visit

It has top-notch flora and fauna viewing all 12 months round. The driest seasons are between June and February, so it’s far encouraged travel then.

If you’re visiting withinside the moist months, March until May, be conscious that rains may intervene with walking, biking, and rock climbing.

precautions When planning to visit the park

  • It is risky visiting the park during the rainy season as during this time, the risk of flash floods is very high.
  • Unless you are only going to walk or bike, not having a qualified guide is not safe. This is because there are several emergency exits that the guide can find quickly
  • .The ups and downs for hikers and climbers are steep and slippery and only guides know how to safely navigate these areas.

Operating Hours

Hell’s Gate National Park is open daily from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Adult citizens and residents of Kenya pay Kshs 250 to enter, while children pay Kshs 200. Children.

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