Introduction Mombasa Travel Guide

Mombasa travel guide: The main gateway to this exceptional coastline is Mombasa, which is the second largest city in Kenya, and vies with Dar es Salaam in Tanzania as the busiest port in East Africa.

Mombasa’s mixture of India, Arabia and Africa is uniquely enchanting, and plenty of traffic discover themselves falling for East Africa’s largest and maximum cosmopolitan port.

Indeed, the town dubbed in Swahili Kisiwa Cha Mvita – the Island of War – has many faces, from the ecstatic ardour of the decision to prayer over the Old Town.

Mombasa City

To the waves crashing towards the coral seashores beneath Fort Jesus and the sight of a Zanzibar-sure dhow slipping over the horizon.

As the Swahili human beings themselves say in an vintage proverb: ‘Mombasa is famous, however its waters are dangerously deep.

Food and Drinks

Swahili delicacies capabilities plenty of sparkling fish, aromatic rice, and seafood curries in addition to Arabic and Indian influences. Specialties encompass barbecued meat, a highly spiced tomato savor called kachumbari, mandazi savory dough balls, and cooked bananas.


Dishes are flavored with coconut, tamarind, and plenty of spices however there also are masses of worldwide alternatives too.

Some of the delicious meals in Mombasa

Nyama Choma (roast meat, commonly goat or beef) is a favorite in Kenya, with ugali (porridge) at the facet, and in case you fancy attempting a brand new drink, the coast is famed for its palm wine.

Beach with palms in Kenya, Tiwi beach.

How to get there

By train

Mombasa travel guide: The city is also accessible by train from Nairobi, with two departures daily in each direction. The actual schedule is available at Madaraka express The old train connection between Mombasa and Nairobi (13h train ride overnight) stopped running in May 2017.

The new connection is much faster (about 6h), but the railway station in Mombasa is not in the city center anymore, but about 15 km outside Mombasa. Online booking is not available yet (in December 2017).

You can buy tickets at the train station or under the local number 0709388888. The first class costs 3,000 KSH, and the second class 1000 KSH, which is cheaper than the buses. Therefore you should book as early as possible (up to 14 days in advance) during the high and holiday seasons.

By plane: The airport in Mombasa has been newly renovated and has extended the frequency of flights inside and outside of Mombasa from European cities. Kenya Airways gives the maximum as some distance as alternatives for touring to/from Mombasa.

Ocean view

Attractions in Mombasa

  • Nyali Beach
  • Fort Jesus Museum
  • Wild Waters
  • Mombasa marine national park
  • Mama ngina’s drive
  • Bamburi beach
  • Old town.

Crime in Kenya

Mombasa travel guide: Crime is not unusual to place in foremost cities, coastal seaside resorts, northern Kenya (along with the North Eastern province), the northern components of Eastern, Coastal, and Rift Valley provinces, and north of Malindi.

There’s no want to be paranoid and alternate your journey plans – simply heed the recommendation of your Government.

Exercise not unusual place feel and take precautions in which viable to keep away from crime as you’ll everywhere you journey: hold valuables out of sight, best convey the number of coins you may want for one day, do not stroll by myself at night.