Rahole National Reserve
Rahole National Reserve

Rahole National Reserve

The north financial institution of River Tana hosts Rahole National Reserve. Kora National Reserve lies to the southwest of Rahole National Reserve. The reserve is an giant stretch of dry thorny bushland withinside the Garissa district of Northeastern Province. Approximately 150 km northeast of Mount Kenya.

The reserve is as properly placed at the north financial institution of the Tana River. On the western excessive of the North Eastern Province. The reserve is a enormous expanse of unspoiled wilderness. National Reserve serves as protecting location for the migrating animals from Meru country wide Park.


It has appealing and abundance of animal species that consists of the elephant. Lion, noticed hyena, jackal, hippo, giraffe, impala, crocodiles, Grant and Thompsons gazelle, plains zebra, eland, lesser kudu, bushbuck, elephant, Grevy zebra, Beisa Oryx, duiker, dik-dik and amongst many others.

Rahole National Reserve gives a huge form of plains sport for filming and it’s miles one of the exceptional locations in Kenya in which to movie hippos and crocodiles.

Where to stay 

There are quantity of resorts in and across the reserve starting from Budget. Mid-Range and Luxury resorts just like the Ololo Safari hotel and farm, African Pearl Spa, and amongst others.

The Reserve is a full-size stretch of thorny bushland in Kenya. The reserve gives the fantastic possibility for the vacationers to view hippos, elephants, Beisa Oryx, Grevy zebra, Crocodiles amongst others, the reserve additionally has quite a few fowl species.

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