Nyambene National Reserve Wildlife
Nyambene National Reserve

About Nyambene National Reserve

Nyambene National Reserve derives its name from the renowned Nyambene Hills and covers an area of 265 km2.The reserve become at first gazetted as a 640 Km2 conservation vicinity below a Kenya prison be aware 86.

The conservancy is named after the Nyambene Hills, which form its eastern boundary, and the Ameeru inhabit it. The reserve has one of the maximum breathtaking craters withinside the world – Igombe

The Crater is placed on the northeast tip of the Nyambene range. The crater become showcased in 2012 in a picture graph gallery through Martin Harvey titled ‘Africa from the Air’ that featured at the tour mag of The Telegraph.

Nyambene National Reserve Wildlife

Nyambene National Reserve is a wildlife reserve located in central Kenya, in the eastern part of the Rift Valley Province. The reserve sits at an altitude of between 1,800 and 3,000 meters above sea level and covers an area of about 260 square kilometers.

The Nyambene Reserve is home to a diverse range of wildlife species, including several endangered and threatened species. Some of the animals found in the reserve include elephants, buffaloes, hyenas, zebras, giraffes, baboons, and several species of antelopes. There are also over 200 bird species in the reserve, including the rare Jackson’s widowbird.

In addition to wildlife viewing, visitors to Nyambene can also enjoy hiking and camping in the beautiful scenery of the reserve. The reserve is also an important source of water for the surrounding communities and supports sustainable livelihoods through ecotourism and conservation efforts.

However, like many wildlife reserves in Kenya, Nyambene faces challenges such as poaching, habitat loss, and conflicts between wildlife and human populations. Conservation efforts and community involvement are crucial for ensuring the long-term survival of the reserve and its wildlife.


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