Mount Suswa- Origin
Mount Suswa

Mount Suswa

Mount Suswa is a unique double crater volcanic mountain located in the Rift Valley region of Kenya, East Africa. It is approximately 50 kilometers from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Mount Suswa, which is estimated to be about 16 million years old, last erupted about 400 years ago.

The mountain has two craters, the inner and outer crater. The outer crater is about 2.5 kilometers in diameter and 235 meters deep, while the inner crater is about 1 kilometer in diameter and 100 meters deep. The inner crater is also home to a forest and a small lake. The mountain is also home to several wildlife species such as zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, and antelopes.

Mount Suswa is a popular tourist destination for hikers and nature lovers. Hikers can climb to the top of the mountain and explore the craters, while nature lovers can enjoy the wildlife and the natural beauty of the mountain. The mountain is also significant to the Maasai community, who believe that it is a sacred site and a source of their cultural identity.

In recent years, there have been plans to develop geothermal energy from the mountain, which has raised concerns about the potential impact on the environment and the cultural heritage of the area. However, people are making efforts to balance the need for sustainable development with the preservation of the natural and cultural resources of the mountain.

How to get Mount Suswa

Take the old lower escarpment Naivasha road from Nairobi. When you reach Mai Mahiu after 58km, turn left onto the road leading to Narok. After 10km you will pass a satellite station on the left; after another 6.5km, a signboard for Suswa Conservancy signals the dirt track towards Mount Suswa (turn left here; do not drive as far as Suswa Town).

Drive for 6km across the plains; a right hand turn will lead to a 5km steep and rocky climb up the outer slops of Suswa (most hikers drive across the outer crater and park their vehicles here, on the edge of the inner crater).
We can arrange for someone to meet you at the turn off from the main road to Narok and guide you up the slopes.


The mountain has numerous animals like Leopards, hyenas, baboons, zebras, giraffes and numerous others. Inside the crater, there are numerous snake species and you could see lava tubes.

The mountain has caves which general 6kms and greater are nevertheless being discovered. When hiking, there are 2 peaks and going spherical the complete crater is set 26kms and takes up to eight hours making it a whole day activity.

Things to do

  • Hiking. This is obviously the first activity you can engage in while exploring a mountain.
  • Camping.
  • Cave Exploration.
  • Manyatta and hot springs.
  • Game viewing.
  • Mount Suswa conservancy.
  • Suswa ranch resort

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