About Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is located within Kisumu city, it lies on the shores of Lake Victoria, covering less than 1km2. Kisumu Impala Sanctuary lies 355 km North West of Nairobi, it lies 3km from the city of Kisumu near the Hippo Point.

The sanctuary was branded as ‘’a lake shore walk with impalas’’. There are a diverse number of flora (of trees, grass and herbs) and fauna both free ranging and captive. A number of the nature Trail circuits are also available during the safari for the tourists.

Annually the sanctuary conducts the Kisumu Impala Conservation Boat Race event in November to help create awareness of wildlife, especially the endangered sitatunga antelope.


  • Free ranging herds of impalas, zebras and vervet monkeys
  • Animal orphanage which hold species under special care.
  • The local hippo population and threatened Sitatunga antelope
  • A shady and peaceful place with its abundance of birdlife and picnic sites beside the lake
  • The sanctuary provides an ideal refuge away from Kisumu’s busy and noisy town centre.
  • Lake Victoria being the 2nd largest fresh water in the world and the largest one in Africa.


The sanctuary is home to lion, African leopard, Cape buffalo, olive baboon, hyena, Tanzanian cheetah, side-striped jackal, rescued gray parrot, guinea fowl, impala, leopard tortoise and vervet monkey, among others.

Many snake species, the monitor lizard, dragonfly, frog and butterfly are also present. The sanctuary also provides important open rangeland for the hippopotamus population and refuge for the endangered Sitatunga antelope in the nearby swamps.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary Rates

Kenyan Residents/E.A CitizensCharges
AdultKshs 250
Child/StudentKshs 125
Adult25 USD
Child/Student15 USD

Low Season Rates – March to June

Kenyan Residents/E.A CitizensCharges
AdultKshs 200
Child/StudentKshs 125
Adult20 USD
Child/Student15 USD

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