Visiting Kenya
Visiting Kenya

Visiting Kenya

Best time:

  1. to Go on Safari in Kenya

The best time to go on safari in while visiting Kenya and experience a huge density and diversity of wildlife, is when the annual migration of millions of wildebeest, zebra and gnu’s descend on the Mara plains with predators close behind. The best time to see this wildlife spectacle is from July to October. Other parks in Kenya are also excellent and the best time to visit these would be during the dry seasons — January through March and July through October.

Visiting Kenya
Visiting Kenya

With the scarcity of water during the dry seasons, the animals tend to gather in more concentrated numbers around permanent water holes, rivers and lakes, so they are easier to find. The vegetation is also less lush which simply means that viewing animals from a distance is easier. More tips on viewing animals while on safari…

  1. to enjoy Kenya’s magnificent bird life is from January to March.
  2. to enjoy a beach holiday in Kenya

Whether you want to explore the historical Swahili town of Lamu, or enjoy the picture perfect beaches of Malinidi and Watamu, the best time to go is December to March. The coastal temperatures remain steadily hot for most of the year, but on the beach the humidity is kept at bay by the ocean breeze.

The wettest months are April to May and there’s also a short rainy season from October to November. Swahili Cultural festivals are often held during November and Ramadan may affect your vacation in this predominantly Muslim area of Kenya, see more about traveling in Africa during Ramadan. Find out what the weather and average temperatures are for Mombasa.

  1. to trek Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya has permanent snow at its summit, so it’s cold year round. At night at the higher elevations the temperature can drop as low as 14 Fahrenheit (-10 Celsius). Typically the early mornings on the mountain are sunny and dry, and clouds often form by noon. It is possible to hike Mount Kenya throughout the year but it gets more difficult during the rainy seasons from mid-March to mid-June and October to mid-December. The best time to go is between January – February, and July – October.

  1. to Visit Northern Kenya

Northern Kenya is a fairly arid region with little rainfall and abundant sunshine year round. This is camel country. Average temperatures vary between 104 and 68 Fahrenheit (40 and 20 Celsius). The best time to visit this area is June, July, August and December. The sparsely populated region of Northern Kenya is home to the Samburu and several other traditional tribes. The area boasts natural, rugged beauty.

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