The Wajir Museum

The Wajir Museum

The Wajir Museum, positioned in Wajir town, became formally opened On 19 April, 2011. The major goal of this museum is to present you a glimpse of the wealthy cultural. Ancient and herbal history of Northern Kenya and its interplay with the world.

It became set up part of an initiative to open up Northern Kenya to the tourism enterprise for this reason forming part of the traveler enchantment that provide different merchandise withinside the region.


The Wajir Museum


In 2007, the National Museums of Kenya Corporation carried out a survey wherein it advocated the established order of a museum withinside the large Wajir district.

One of the motives the museum changed into created changed into to inspire tourism in Northern Kenya. The inauguration of the museum changed into attended with the aid of using the Minister of State for Development of Northern Kenya Mohammed Ibrahim Elmi.

In December 2015, the second one Wajir cultural pageant changed into held on the museum, the occasion changed into prepared with the aid of using the National Museums of Kenya and the Wajir County government.


Wajir metropolis is a bunch to numerous different Sites and Monuments amongst them the Wagalla Massacre Site, Yahut dam, Shaletey wells, huge buildings, the British bunkers and Orpahey wells.

Historical Sites


  • Old court house.
  • British/ Italian War Bunkers.
  • Orahey wells.
  • Old homes build by Italian Prisoners.




  • Wajir County Guest House.
  • Wajir Pacele Hotel.
  • Wajir Guest House.
  • The Aaran Hotel.

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