About The Great Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley is a part of an intra-continental ridge gadget that runs thru Kenya from north to south.

It is a part of the  Gregory Rift, the jap department of the East African Rift. Which begins off evolved in Tanzania to the south and keeps northward into Ethiopia. 

It changed into fashioned on the “Kenyan Dome” a geographical upwelling created through the interactions of 3 most important tectonics. The Arabian, Nubian, and Somalian plates.

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In the past, it changed into visible as a part of a “Great Rift Valley” that ran from Madagascar to Syria.

What to see 

The primary points of interest in the Great Rift Valley are the terrific countrywide parks and safari possibilities enabled by the wealth of flora and fauna.

At those destinations, traffic can pass on water safaris and arise near the flora and fauna of the lakes.

The freshwater ecosystems at Lake Naivasha and Baringo.

The Great Rift Valley /photo

The nature reserve at Lake Bogoria, and the Nakuru National Park are a source of endless fascination. Teeming with an incredible diversity of birds and large concentrations of animals.

At these destinations, visitors can go on water safaris and get up close to the wildlife of the lakes.

A giant crack in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley


It is well known for volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, and frequent earthquakes. It represents a perfect environment to understand the evolution of mankind; for the important pale anthropological discoveries in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zaire.

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It lies in the west of Kenya: this deep crevice between 2 plates in the earth’s crust runs from Mozambique in south-eastern Africa to Syria in Asia. Thousands of kilometers of the Great Rift lie in East Africa.

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