About Ol Donyo Sabuk

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park additionally called Mt. Kilimambogo is a solitary mountain dotting outstanding wildlife.

It is located withinside the big plains of Donyo Sabuk metropolis inside Machakos County, Kenya. Ol Donyo Sabuk is a Maasai call that means huge mountain. Kilimambogo is derived from the Swahili and Bantu language which means Buffalo Mountain.


The park is domestic to extra than 200 buffalos which might be the dominant mammals in the park and different animals consist of mongoose, porcupines, bushbucks, baboons, and leopards.

Visitors may also discover the colobus monkey, vervet monkey, Sykes’ monkey, Kirk’s dik-dik, bush pig, not unusual place duiker, reedbuck, rock hyrax, bush baby, tree and floor squirrel, aardvark, porcupine, python and display lizard.


The park has over 45 chicken species that encompass each Forest chicken species, open savannah grassland, and wetland/waterbird species.

The maximum, not unusual place birds encompass African Hawk-eagle, sunbirds, distinct varieties of weavers, pied wagtail, mourning dove, Buzzard, and lots more.

How to get there

85km northeast of Nairobi. From Thika metropolis continue 22 km alongside the principal Garissa avenue to Makutano junction.

At Makutano comply with the KWS signal and flip proper, intending three km on an all-climate murram avenue to Donyo metropolis. At Donyo flip proper and continue a similar 2 km to the principal gate.

Best Time to Visit

The climate withinside the park is warm and dry. It is just a few months while there’s rain. January to March marks the driest season.

April to June is moist and warm while from July to October, it’s hot and dry. November to December is heat and moist. Activities like recreation watching, hiking, nature walks, and mountaineering are simpler withinside the dry season. However, all through the moist season comes the light and birds live withinside the park.

About Bomas of Kenya

Bomas of Kenya presentations conventional villages belonging to the numerous Kenyan tribes. It is the house to the most important auditorium in Africa.

The village functions replicas of conventional homesteads, or Bomas, from 23 of Kenya’s ethnic groups.

It additionally functions conventional dances done in its huge auditorium. Bomas of Kenya first opened their doorways in 1971, they’ve proudly welcomed over 10 million visitors.

Bomas of Kenya


Bomas of Kenya is placed in Langata, Nairobi. It’s precise vicinity is about 10 kilometers from the Central Business District.

Who owns Bomas

Bomas of Kenya began out with the aid of using the Government of Kenya in 1971 as an entirely owned subsidiary of the Kenya Tourist Development Cooperation (KTDC).

It became mounted with the Mandate to Preserve and Promote the Rich & Diverse Cultures of diverse ethnic groups of Kenya and to behave as a Tourism Attraction Centre.

Bomas of Kenya Opening Hours

The homesteads are open every day from 10 am to six pm.

Performances take vicinity from Monday to Friday from 2:30 pm to four pm.

On weekends and for the duration of public holidays, performances are from 3:30 pm to 5:15 pm.

Bomas of Kenya Cultural Performance

Our repertoire includes over 50 dances from one of a kind ethnic communities.

With stay percussion, string and wind instruments, and diverse, real and active dancing, Bomas Harambe Dancers will take you on a adventure thru Kenya’s beyond and present.


Since 1971, when we first opened our doors to the public, Bomas of Kenya has proudly welcomed over 10 million visitors.

Located south of Nairobi, Bomas of Kenya has an enviable MICE facility in a tranquil and serene setting.

From financial experts, construction experts, African Games, international live concerts and wedding celebrations, our halls have hosted a variety of events and shows. And we won’t stop anytime soon.

Thank you for being our guests and for all the precious memories.

Utamaduni Restaurant

The Utamaduni Restaurant of is the primary of its type in Kenya. Also Come revel in luxurious food which can be as numerous because the conventional cultures of Kenya.

Meals from wealthy way of life of Kenya are presented here.

Meals starting from nyama choma, mukimo, muthokoi amongst different Kenya’s areas are all at your disposal at pocket pleasant prices.

When to visit

For a Kenya cultural revel in may be at whenever of the year. But the excellent time to go to is all through the dry season this is from July to October and additionally January and February.

Entrance Ticket Details

Kenyan Citizens – ADULTS200/- KES
Kenyan Citizens – CHILDREN50/- KES
Kenyan Citizens – SCHOOL PARTIES (Nursery to Secondary)50/- KES
Residents/East African Community – ADULTS300/- KES
Residents/East African Community – CHILDREN & STUDENTS200/- KES
Non-Residents – ADULTS1000/- KES
Non-Residents – CHILDREN500/- KES
Non-Residents – COLLEGE STUDENTS500/- KES

Why you should visit Kenya

Kenya is one of the world’s magnificent wildlife destinations. Its premises, reserves, and private sustentations are home to some of the loftiest and most different populations of wildlife on the earth. Traveling across vast geographies bathed in the soft morning light, your African dreams unfold before your eyes.

What’s so special about Kenya?

Kenya is known for being the world’s stylish safari destination, with 50 grand public premises and reserves home to different wildlife, including the Big Five – Elephants, leopards, Lions, rhinos, and buffalo.

Is Kenya an excellent country to travel to?

Kenya is a great country to visit. Whether you want to go on a Safari or visit some beautiful white flaxen strands, Kenya is a great destination to visit. Each time, Kenya is visited by over 1.5 million tourists and the developed tourism structure allows for a great time to be had on a visit to Kenya.

What makes Kenya a beautiful country?

A country of great diversity, both physically and culturally, Kenya is one of Africa’s most popular destinations for veritably good reason. With joyful Indian Ocean strands, scraggy mountains, lush timbers, and wildlife-rich areas, there are endless beautiful places to visit in Kenya.

What do you need to know about Kenya?

  • NAME Republic of Kenya( English) or Jamhuri ya Kenya( Swahili)
  • CAPITAL Nairobi.
  • POPULATION. 50.4 Million
  • Functionary LANGUAGES Swahili, English.
  • Currency Kenyan shilling.
  • AREA,081 square long hauls(,367 square kilometers)

What do you like utmost about Kenya?

Kenya, with its different wildlife territories, its great rift valley, and lakes. Its fat raspberry life, and rich culture and crafts, is one of Africa’s most successful conservation communities.

Is Kenya rich or poor?

Kenya is a lower-middle-income frugality. Although Kenya’s frugality is the largest and most developed in eastern and central Africa,16.1(2023/2024) of its population lives below the transnational poverty line. This severe poverty is substantially caused by profitable inequality, government corruption, and health problems.

How do you say hello in Kenya?

The most common greeting among those who speak Swahili is’ Hujambo'(‘ Hello’) or the more colloquial greeting of’ Jambo’. Both felicitations can be responded to with the expression’ sijambo’, which means I’m well. Other common felicitations in contemporary Kenya include’ sasa’ or’ Mambo’

What is the best time to visit Kenya?

One of the best times to visit Kenya is from July to September, during the country’s dry season, which also coincides with the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra. The stormy seasons are also good times to travel, as there are smaller callers and you can respect the striking emerald foliage.

What’s Kenya known for?

Kenya holds the title of the world’s best safari destination, with its 50 grand public premises and reserves providing a home to diverse wildlife. Including the Big Five – Elephants, leopards, Lions, rhinos, and buffalo

Should you visit Kenya?

The short answer is yes, Kenya is worth visiting. To epitomize, it’s a leading safari destination with the Great Wildebeest Migration and the Big Five being. Secondly, Kenya has some of the world’s most beautiful strands similar to the multi-award-winning Diani Beach

Where to visit in Kenya?

The Masai Mara is where to go in Kenya for the dramatic wildebeest migration. Fluently accessible classic big game destinations similar to Amboseli and Tsavo, as well as the recently opened-up Laikipia Plateau region, offer active travelers a plethora of opportunities to experience the magnificent wildlife of Kenya. And after the drama of a Kenya safari, what could be better than many lazy days on a white- beach sand. Kenya’s tropical seacoast offers everything from buzzing resorts to exclusive islet nests making the country ideal for safari and sand recesses.