Treetops Hotel is a unique safari lodge located in the Aberdare National Park in central Kenya. The original Treetops was built in the early 1930s as a treehouse-style game viewing lodge, and it has since been rebuilt and expanded to its current form.

Treetops is best known for its location and history. The hotel is situated in a forest glade, and it offers a spectacular view of a waterhole and salt lick which attract a variety of wildlife. The original Treetops was where Princess Elizabeth stayed in 1952 when she learned of her father’s death and her ascension to the British throne.

Treetops Hotel

Treetops Hotel and Mugumo tree

The Mugumo tree is a sacred tree in the Kikuyu culture of central Kenya. It is closely associated with the history and folklore of Treetops Hotel. In the early 1930s, when the original Treetops Lodge was built, a large Mugumo tree stood on the site where the hotel now stands. 

In 1952, when Princess Elizabeth was staying at Treetops Lodge, she received the news of her father’s death and her ascension to the British throne while sitting under the Mugumo tree. The tree is symbol of this historic event and was renamed the Princess Elizabeth Mugumo Tree.

Today, Mugumo Tree  still stands at the site of Treetops Hotel, and it is a popular attraction for visitors who come to learn about the hotel’s history and the Kikuyu culture. 

Treetops Hotel Wild Life and Natural Beauty

The park is home to a wide range of animals. These includes elephants, buffalos, giraffes, zebras, and various antelope species such as impalas, bushbucks, and elands. Other wildlife species found in the park include leopards, hyenas, and various species of primates such as the black-and-white colobus and Sykes’ monkeys.

The Aberdare National Park is known for its stunning natural scenery. The park is situated on the eastern edge of the Great Rift Valley, and it encompasses a variety of landscapes, from bamboo forests and moorland to alpine peaks and valleys.

The park’s rivers and waterfalls, such as Karuru Falls and Gura Falls, are also popular attractions.


The current Treetops has 50 rooms and suites, and it offers a range of activities for guests to experience the wildlife and natural beauty of the Aberdare National Park. Also Game drives, bird watching, and forest walks are some of the popular activities, and guests can also enjoy bush breakfasts and sundowners. The hotel has a viewing deck and a photographic hide overlooking the waterhole, where guests can observe wildlife


The rates for Treetops Hotel vary depending on the season and the type of room or suite selected. Here are some estimated rates  in September 2021:

  • Low season rates (March to June and November to mid-December):

    • Standard room: from $330 to $450 per person per night.
    • Suite: from $400 to $620 per person per night.
  • High season rates (July to October and mid-December to February):

    • Standard room: from $400 to $570 per person per night.
    • Suite: from $470 to $730 per person per night.

Please note that these rates are estimates and subject to change.


  • Game drives
  • Forest walks
  • Bush breakfasts and sundowners
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Cultural visits to kikuyu Village
  • Trout fishing:
  • Hiking and trekking:
  • Horseback riding
  • mountain biking
  • Archery