About Thomson’s Falls(Nyahururu)

Thomson’s Falls(Nyahururu) is a scenic waterfall at the Ewaso Ng’iro river. It’s a 74 meters waterfall, some kilometers far from Lake Ol Bolossat which drains from the Aberdare Mountain Range.

Tourists can view the falls from above and there may be a path down the lowest of the ravine. Upstream from the falls is one of the maximum hippo swimming pools in Kenya.

Thomson’s Falls

The falls were regarded withinside the TV film, The Man in The Brown Suit, the film turned into theaters around 1988. Thomson’s is one of the maximum encouraged locations to go to in Kenya as its view is one of the maximum lovely perspectives that may be visible in Kenya. 


Thomson’s Falls is located in the Nyahururu outskirts. It is effortlessly accessed with the aid of using the street and is four hours pressure from Nairobi.

Best Time to Visit

Thomson Falls has an oceanic climate. It witnesses rainfall throughout nearly all months of the year. The satisfactory time to go to Thomson is from January to May and August to December.

During those months the climate is quality and has confined rainfall. The maximum common temperature is 26°C in January at the same time as the bottom common temperature is 19°C in June.

Hotels near Thomson Falls

  • Thomson’s falls lodge
  • Falls Hippo point hotel
  • The Panari resort Nyahururu
  • Coconut palm hotel
  • Amboni lodge


It is viable to view Thomson’s Falls both from above or alongside the path that runs right all the way down to the lowest of the ravine. The nature path on the Falls via the gorge is a haven for baboons, the endangered colobus monkeys, and small animals.

Maps from the curio stores across Thomson’s Falls may be picked as much as getting steering on numerous different sports consisting of picnics and guided walks.

Nature view from Nyahururu

The sports-centered across the falls offer terrific photographic possibilities as they appeal to colorful birds.