Rimoi National Reserve

The Kenya Wildlife Service covers Rimoi National Reserve, an animal conservation reserve located in Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kenya, which is a relatively small reserve spanning 66 km2. It lies adjoining to Lake Kamnarock which has currently dried up and is a part of a conservation location this is 5 large than its size.


Rimoi cradles the southern half of Kerio Valley National Park. You can access it from Iten or Eldoret, and if you have your own wheels, you can easily reach it from Lake Baringo, which is 80km away.


Traditionally the best massive mammals in Rimoi and Kamnarock have been elephants, which wander inside and out and up and down the valley at will, according with the provision of water and food.

The elephants feed specifically at night. Smaller mammals consist of dikdik, impala, bush pig, warthog, monkeys, civet, genet, and pangolin. Reptiles consist of; crocodiles, Agama and different lizards, tortoise and plenty of snakes.

Someone is presently fencing the reserve, leaving a hall for the elephants. The Elgeyo Marakwet and Baringo Governors launched thirty zebras into the reserve in 2016 as a part of a plan via way of means of the Elgeyo Marakwet County Government to restock the reserve.


  • Game viewing
  • Nature guided walks
  • Birding
  • Camping
  • Visit cheptarit hill. Located near the Cheptarit Primary School this isolated hill overlooks the expansive Kerio Valley.  The area is rich in culture and history.  Geological features and an amazing birdlife are some of the key attractions in the area.  The area has a steady supply of sparkling spring water.
  • Old Camp This hill webweb page is positioned at an antique campsite. Opportunities exist for eco-tourism with the aid of using integrating camp sports with the ones of the nearby community. Water deliver to the camp already exists. They also are pretty near the the world over identified high-altitude schooling centers in Iten town. From the breathtaking Kabarnet escarpment to the Biretwo junction is ready 50Km. A cultural museum is ready to be set up at this junction. The webweb sites lie approximately 15-20km from this junction alongside an all-climate murram road. The webweb sites also can be accessed from Iten town.