Maasai Ostrich Resort

Maasai Ostrich Resort is a luxurious own circle of relatives pleasant motel positioned45 km from Nairobi at the Athi River/Kitengela plains. 1h  from the town centre and 7 km off Namanga road. Beautiful gardens of combined wild and exceptional flowers and a inexperienced manicured garden surrounds the massive American fashion ranch house.

Over time, the motel has turn out to be a haven of peace for commercial enterprise conferences and a famous best spot for own circle of relatives outings.


Ostrich Tour

The principal element the Ostrich Farm has to provide is the Ostriches themselves. Boasting over 1000 individuals, the farm lets in you shut up and private touch with the Ostriches.

You may also be capable of see the Ostriches of their one of a kind a long time and examine essential ostrich records. Or that it’s far the most important bird?. The staff in the 250-acre farm provide readily available information such as the fact that it cannot fly and has a brain the size of a chicken’s egg.

Ostrich Ride

Specifically loved by family visitors, ostrich rides are a cherished activity. Trained to carry people, the ostriches require riders to be ready and brave enough to get atop the over 6ft birds.

Sometimes ostrich races also are deliberate specifically on Sundays wherein you may meet different travelers and locals withinside the crowds.

Ostrich Meat

Ostrich Meat If you’re a foodie, or you’ve got got a flavor for individual flavors. Then perhaps consuming ostrich meat will make your go to really well worth the while.

Consumers cannot find ostrich breast meat for consumption because ostriches only have thighs available. The market considers this a premium game meat, and it costs no less than one thousand Kenyan shillings.

Other Activities

The farm has a swimming pool that lets in its site visitors to sit back and reminisce at the day passed. It is a family-pleasant pool so your youngsters also can revel in the experience. Besides, there’s additionally a completely ready kid’s playground. That is enough in case your infant does now no longer revel in swimming.

The farm additionally has nice, quiet and exquisite picnic grounds wherein you may cross and relaxation after paying the three hundred Kenyan shillings gate front fees.