About Nasalot National Reserve

Nasolot National reserve Nasolot country wide reserve is a lovely and rugged located withinside the rift valley province in West Pokot County. The reserve is located north of mount Melo and at a distance of 528 kilometers north west of Nairobi city. Nasolot country wide reserve became gazetted in 1979 overlaying a place of 92 rectangular kilometers of rugged area.

Major Attractions

At Nasolot national reserve Rocky out crop at the periphery of the reserve called Nasolot Hill; game viewing. Wildlife Nasolot national reserve is a habitant for many animal species which attracts tourists visiting Kenya to the park for a safari, animals in the reserve thrive in the short savannah plains and forest galleries dotted around the park.

Animals in the park include Elephant, lesser kudu, bushbuck, duiker, lion, leopard, Kirk´s dik dik, spotted hyena, jackal, impala, Sykes’ monkey, beisa and fringe-eared Oryx, waterbuck, olive baboon, buffalo, gazelle and hippopotamus and many more.


Nasolot National Reserve there aren’t anyt any lodging alternatives withinside the reserve. However, self-catering lodging and a campsite is to be had on the Marich Pass Field Studies Centre placed eighty km south of the reserve off the A1 Kitale- Lodwar road.


  • Game viewing
  • Bird watching
  • Sport fishing and boating at Turkwell dam
  • Nature walks
  • Camping

How to get there

  1. By Air: The nearest airport is Eldoret International Airport, which is approximately 150 km away from Nasalot National Reserve.
  2. By Road: From Eldoret, you can hire a car or take a taxi to Nasalot National Reserve. The reserve is approximately 4 hours away from Eldoret by road.
  3. Public Transportation: You can also take a bus or matatu (shared taxi) from Eldoret to Kapedo, which is the nearest town to Nasalot National Reserve. From Kapedo, you can hire a car or take a motorcycle taxi (boda-boda) to the reserve.