The Kapenguria Museum

The Kapenguria Museum is a museum placed in Kapenguria, Kenya. The museum is placed withinside the jail in which distinguished leaders of the Kenyan independence movement. (the Kapenguria Six: Jomo Kenyatta, Kungu Karumba, Fred Kubai, Paul Ngei, Bildad Kaggia and Ramogi Achieng Oneko).Had been held and placed on trial in 1952/3.

The Kapenguria six

The museum functions galleries withinside the former cells of the jail. Inclusive of presentations on those leaders and the battle in opposition to colonialism.

And homes a memorial library of their honor. The museum additionally functions ethnographic galleries approximately the Pokot people. It turned into opened as a museum in 1993.

The Monuments

The courtroom

The courtroom docket room in Kapenguria became too small to deal with the trial, a study room presently Chewoyet Secondary High School. Which became then a central authority Agricultural Training Institute became used instead.

They have been attempted right here and sentenced for seven years imprisonment with tough labour for dealing with the illegal Mau Mau movement. All of them have exceeded on despite the fact that their legacy will stay alive.

Uhuru Memorial Library

The logo

The museum consists of the Uhuru memorial library. In which collections of ancient literature on politics of Kenya because the colonial generation are preserved in honor of all heroes who participated withinside the war for independence.