Kariandusi Museum

Kariandusi Museum is home to an exquisite archaeological site. It is also one of the earliest discoveries of Upper Paleolithic sites in East Africa. This is in fact the first Acheulean site explored in the East African. You can find here several hundred Acheulean hand axes as well as stone artefacts.


This web website online changed into determined via way of means of Louis Leakey in a 1928 excursion withinside the uncovered Kariandusi riverbed. Due to his success, St. John’s provided Leakey a studies supply for his first East African Archaeological Expedition.

Using finances for his Expedition, Leakey changed into capable of finance 3 separate journeys to the web website online (in 1928, 1931, and 1946) and numerous journey to his different studies locations consisting of Olduvai Gorge and Lake Victoria.

After Leakey, J.A.J. Gowlett and R.G. Crompton co-led a fourth excursion in 1974, and this changed into the closing important excavation enterprise on the Kariandusi prehistoric web website online. However, there were numerous studies initiatives regarding the Kariandusi Prehistoric Site.


Kariandusi, Hyrax Hill and Olorgesailie
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Kariandusi Prehistoric site

A visit to the Kariandusi Pre-historic site is a historical wonder giving its visitors the chance to explore and experience several historical remains that are kept in this museum. On your visit to Kariandusi Pre-historic site you will explore several prehistoric features that include:-

  • hand axes
  • fossils
  • stone tools
  • volcanic glass knives
  • nearby wells for mining diatomite
  • and many other things

A visit to Kariandusi Pre-historic site is both fun and education, on your guided tour of the place you get to learn a lot about the Stone Age era and you enjoy the site spectacular elements, designs, and ambiance. Also while at the prehistoric site you can also tour the lake Elementaita that is nearby for Birding, game viewing and nature walks.


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