Kit-Mikayi-The weeping rock

Kit-Mikayi additionally spelled Kit Mikayi, Kitmikayi, and Kitmikaye  is a rock formation, a tor, round 120m high located approximately 29 km west of the metropolis of Kisumu in western Kenya.

It is ready 1 km from the Kisumu-Bondo road. The signal board is at the gate of Kit Mikayi number one college and front is through N’gop-Ngeso number one college.

Kit-mikayi means “the stone of the primary woman”, or “stone of the primary wife”, in Dholuo, the Luo language. Kit-Mikayi, concept in East Seme ward, is the house to Barrack Gumba. Gumba is a expert Public Health Officer and teens advocate.


The locals dwelling withinside the vicinity across the stones are known as the Luo-Kakello clan. This web website online is majorly related to the sacrifices in addition to the various legends belonging to the pre-Christian Timings which bring about numerous tales that designate the which means of the name.

It is a distinguished sightseeing spot in Kenya specifically among the neighboring Luo tribes. Over the years, the Kit Mikayi has additionally emerge as a distinguished nearby pilgrimage website online for the individuals who come right here to the rock to hope and rapid for numerous weeks at length.

The weeping stone


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Ndere means ‘assembly place’ withinside the language of the nearby Luo Tribe. According to the Luo folklore, Kit Mikayi, Mother of the Tribe, rested up close to Ndere after her lengthy adventure South down the Nile valley.

The web website online is related to sacrifices and lots of legends from pre-Christian times. Specifically testimonies explaining the that means of the name.

Entrance to the rock

Kit-Mikayi is a nearby factor of Sightseeing interest. Specifically a few of the Neighboring Luo Tribes. It additionally has grow to be a famous nearby Pilgrimage website online for fans of the Legio Maria sect who come to the rock to wish and speedy for numerous weeks at a time.


Myths exist of the rock being relied in historic instances for fortune. This gave the rock loads of prominence and reputation as human beings from all walks of lifestyles visited the rock for a number of motives along with Rain making. Wealth accumulation, warfare, longevity, non secular cleaning etc.

During dry spells elders may want to converge alongside the doorway of the rock for meditation and soul searching . In which a wanderous snake referred to as Nyang’idi could determine if they might advantage passage into the rock relying on the extent of meditation and soul searching.

If allowed access the elders could participate in rituals and withinside the equal nighttime the snake could flow to the lake. Through a few underground tunnel down the rock base and create massive clouds. Complete of mist journeying withinside the shape of mist into the skies referred to as Nyakoi which later converted to rain.