About Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is also referred to as Victoria Nyanza.  It is the biggest lake in Africa and the leader reservoir of the Nile. Mendacity, specifically in Tanzania and borders Kenya. Its region is 26,828 rectangular miles (69,484 rectangular km). Among the fresh water ;lakes of the world, it’s far passed in length, best with the aid of using Lake Superior in North America.

The lakes floor is 3,720 feet (1,134 meters) above sea level, and its best-ascertained intensity is 270 feet (82 meters). Many archipelagos are contained in the lake, as are several reefs, regularly simply underneath the floor of the clean waters. The lakes basin region covers 92,240 rectangular miles (238,900 rectangular km). It has beautiful view on a moored boat on waves against of sunset at sea.

lake Victoria
lake Victoria

Lake Victoria Native wildlife

In the lake, there is some native wildlife that you can easily found. They come from many different species. 


Most of them are extinct and today, the maximum of fish that we are able to discover in Lake Victoria is best the Cichlids kind of fish.

On the alternative hand, there also are much different fish that may be stated isn’t local of it.

Now, despite the fact that there are a few fishing spots in the Lake it could be stated it become accomplished in small wide variety or scale.

The Fish

According to research, there are greater than 500 species of fish that lived on this lake with inside the past.

Fishing in Lake Victoria

Most of them are extinct and today, the maximum of fish that we will locate in Lake Victoria is the best the Cichlids kind of fish.

The maximum sizeable Cichlids are Halochromic nyerereite. These Cichlids has extraordinary trait as compared to different Cichlids. This species has eyes that might be very touchy to light.

Therefore, despite the fact that the water isn’t clear, they nonetheless can see clearly. Because of this, this fish has effectively grown in number.


  • The first European to see the lake was John Hanning Speke in 1858
  • The lake was named after Queen Victoria of England.
  • It has 3,440 km of coastline and over 3,000 islands.
  • The biggest island is Ukerewe
  • It is the world’s second-largest freshwater lake
  • The Victoria Nile and the Katonga River flow out of the lake
  • The lake’s basin is 184,000 square kilometers
  • The Victoria Nile has two dams, Kiira and Nalubaale, and its water is used to generate hydroelectricity
  • 80% of the total water supply is from rain
  • The lake has 200 species of fish, making it one of the world’s largest freshwater fisheries.

What Else Makes it Special? 

There are only two places in East Africa where you can watch the sunset over water without being on the coast, and one in Lake Victoria.

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Additionally, has incredible wildlife. It offers the chance to see some of Africa’s most prized wildlife, as well as the diversity of local communities.