Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre

Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre is a programme of the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK). Coast Branch that operates numerous workshops and a cultural centre through which it gives social and monetary rehabilitation and empowerment of humans with disabilities.

Our task is to empower humans with incapacity socially and economically through training. And employment linkages with the aid of using attractive them in financially sustainable provision of aggressive merchandise and services.

Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre turned into set up to empower humans with incapacity socially and economically. And to permit them understand their complete capability of their lives.

Bombolulu workshop

Cultural Centre

In our Cultural Centre you may go to our workshops and have interaction with the artisans and spot how we made all our handcrafts in wood, brass, textiles, leather-based and casting.

Also you may discover distinctive tribes homes from all over the country. Revel in conventional dances or even discover ways to dance like Africans do. Try authentic Kenyan flavors at Ziga Restaurant, refresh your self with herbal fruit juices and revel in the breeze of Bombolulu.

Craft workshops

The workshops excursion begins off evolved with wood (mahogany and teak) engraving and sculpture and with jewellery. Right here rejected materials (inclusive of coke cans) are recycled. In the tailor’s and in leather-based items workshop, numerous garments and luggage are produced and marked with Bombolulu logo.

Cultural dance

Then there’s a stunning plant nursery controlled via way of means of a grasp gardener (it appears a plant is a treatment for malaria: you boil its leaves and twigs and also you drink its juice).


Finally, there’s a workshop for wheelchairs production, made one by one below medical. This is the head workplace of APDK Mobility Aid Workshop (, a assignment via way of means of APDK for.


How to help The centre

Which doesn’t appear to fulfill any impediment in fund raising, receives additionally a government contribution (the security). If the equation white=rich, right here greater famous then anywhere, doesn’t annoy you, due to the fact it’s an company with a proper aim, visting the centre is besides advisable.

You pay an front charge of 450KShs, and you’re manual through a trainee for a workshop tour. You should buy any synthetic articles (from a customized t-blouse to a fixed of 5 flora to develop in your European terrace) and any kind of Kenyan product withinside the excellent memento shop.