Panari ice skating is located at Mombasa road.

Opened in 2005, the solar ice rink is the largest ice rink in Africa and the first ice rink in East and Central Africa., so it’s a must-try for the entire family.

Mums, dads and the kids will enjoy this skating experience, going round and round the rink. If it’s your first time don’t worry there’s an instructor to help you out, plus loads of skating aids to keep you upright.

The Solar Ice Rink can accommodate up to 200 skaters at any one point, so there’s plenty of space for extended family to tag along.

What’s awesome is you can grab a cup of hot chocolate afterwards- the air temperature inside the hall is a chilling 12 degrees!.

Panari Ice  Skating
Panari Ice Skating

Additional information

  • There are instructors on site but we recommend parents supervise their kids as much as possible.
  • Children under 9 years must be in the company of an adult and must wear protective gloves and warm clothes- skating boots are provided.
  • Solar Ice Rink is open 7 days a week between 11:00 AM- 10:00 PM and is located on the 2nd floor, Panari Hotel on Mombasa Road, Nairobi Kenya.

Ice Skating and Hockey Lessons

The Solar Ice Rink also provide a fun and safe environment for skaters of all ages as well abilities to learn and grow.

Lessons are presented in concise levels with each one focusing on several skills that will be built upon in levels.

A student may proceed to the next after demonstrating mastery of the skills in one level, . For kids and adults with little or no skating experience, come and learn to skate. Also Classes are great fun, great exercise, and a great way to introduce skating into your life. Skaters learn basic coordination and maneuverability. We have lessons that are tailor made to the ability of participants.

Contact Information

(Panari Hotels)
Telephone: 254 20 3946000 / 254 20 828990 / 254 20 828993