Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary
Shiba hills

Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary

Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary changed into added to create a flora and fauna hall for the motion of elephants among Mwaluganje Forest Reserve. To the north and Shimba Hills National Reserve to the south.

It serves as one in every of most effective three coastal refuges for elephants in Kenya and is an crucial water catchment vicinity for flora and fauna and the neighborhood communities.

The Sanctuary changed into created to lessen human-elephant battle bobbing up from the big populace of each human beings and elephants. Withinside the vicinity and to generate advantages for network contributors via flora and fauna and habitat conservation.


It is placed 45 km southwest of Mombasa and is adjoining to the Shimba Hills National Reserve. The sanctuary turned into shaped withinside the early 1990s.

As a cooperative venture among the human beings of the encompassing Mwaluganje community. United States Agency for International Development And the Born Free Foundation and the Eden Wildlife Trust.


Mwaluganje Forest Reserve is stated to be having over a 150 elephants making it a vacation spot for the large 5 lovers. Elephants are continually visible in massive herds migrating to Shimba hills, from Mwaluganje in the course of the wet season.

You will now no longer handiest appreciate the awesome elephants. However, additionally leopards, baboons, zebras, warthogs, bushbucks and waterbucks, bush babies, porcupines, mongooses, birds, insects, and reptiles of many kinds.

How to get there

By plane: It is 45 km southwest of Mombasa and borders the Shimba Hills National Reserve. The reserve is 45 kilometers from Mombasa, tourists can fly to Mombasa or arrive by car from Nairobi.

It is always better to combine your safari to the sanctuary with Shimba Hills Reserve or Tsavo West National Park.

NBO Airport is 15 km/9 miles southeast of Nairobi and for visitors wondering how to get to Kenya, a Kenyan visa will most likely be required to enter the country.

By road: On the street If you are planning to drive from Nairobi to the Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary. The drive will take around 9 hours. You should expect a distance of almost 500 km on the road.

Entrance fee

Prices per person per day of 1600 KES/USD $14 per adult per day (24 hrs.). The gates into the Ngoro Ngoro Conservation Area open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m.

Hotels Near Mwaluganje elephant Sanctuary in Mombasa

  • Shimba Parkside Restaurant
  • New Cool Breeze Restaurant
  • Rehema Cafe
  • However, we suggest you carry picnic baskets packed with food.

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