Lake Kamnarok game reserve
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Lake Kamnarok game reserve

Lake Kamnarok game reserve is a seasonal lake in Kenya, at the bottom of the Kerio Valley. The call originated from the Kalenjin phrase Narok, that’s used to consult a species of water plant that changed into broadly observed withinside the lake.

The lake occupies a place of about 1 km2 but being a seasonal lake, the scale can also additionally at instances be an awful lot smaller. It changed into in life earlier than 1961 however the flood rains of that 12 months brought about its enlargement. The flooding catastrophe noticed humans residing withinside the place being evacuated with a view to keep lives.

Lake Kamnarok national reserve


Animals that reside here include; Dik Dik, Bush Pigs, Waterbuck, Elephant, Buffalo, Warthog, and Rothschild’s Giraffe. There are also varieties of birds are also found in Lake Kamnarok National Reserve mainly the Grebe and Pelicans.

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Those touring the Lake Kamnarok National Reserve need to be conscious that there may be no accommodation. The reserve is located 262 Kms from Nairobi. Access to the Lake Kamnarok National Reserve is via way of means of street aleven though now no longer all that smooth. The reserve has savannah panorama and stunning mountains.



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