Lake Bogoria National Reserve-Kenya
Lake Bogoria National Reserve

About Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Lake Bogoria National Reserve is a stunning area with the crimson cloud of flamingoes and geysers effervescent with the maximum surprising warm water volcanic springs.

Much extra is the charming phenomenon of the new springs, an illustration that molten rock does now no longer lie some distance underneath the earth’s surface.


The clouds of red They are the big flocks of flamingoes who go to the nonetheless waters of the lake to feed at the algae. Since the lake has no outlet, it’s miles saline and consequently a number of blue and inexperienced algae, which paperwork exclusive sun sunglasses of the lake too other than the red of the flamingoes.


Overgrazing due to farm animals encroachment is causing a significant problem within the reserve. And there is very little wildlife to be seen. However, the birding is terrific and the actual draw is the flamingos. Leopard tortoises are pretty numerous. Mammals occasionally encountered are impala, dik-dik, zebra, Grant’s gazelle and warthog.


It has extra than 350 birds on its list. However the primary enchantment is an expected million lesser flamingos which flock in the shallow waters feeding on algae.

Mixed in are many more flamingos as well. Lake Bogoria is one of the excellent locations in Kenya to look big flocks of those birds. Plenty of different waterbirds are clean to spot. And the decision of a fish eagle is in no way a ways off.

How to get there

People visit Lake Bogoria as a side trip from Nakuru because it is located 250km/155mi from Nairobi. The lake has become more popular to visit now because some of the flamingos, which had to leave Lake Nakuru due to unfavorable conditions, have made Bogoria their new home.

You can both be part of a safari in Nairobi or hire a vehicle and go to Lake Bogoria independently. The southern front to the reserve is placed 38km/23mi north of Nakuru – a 4wd is essential. The sealed avenue from Nakuru to the northern front is 150km/93m.

Best time to visit

Lake Bogoria isn’t a traditional safari destination. The quality time to go to is while there are plenty of flamingos, however that is unpredictable. At maximum instances of the year though, there are generally an amazing quantity of flamingos, which makes it profitable travelling at any time of the year.

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