Kakamega Forest National Reserve-Kenya


Kakamega Forest National Reserve is a small fragment of the bigger Kakamega Forest. The Forest frivolously unfolds out on a 36km2. The region is located near the Kenya-Uganda western border withinside the then Western Province, Kenya.

On her jap aspect lies the semi-forested Nandi Escarpment unfolding out throughout the Great Rift Valley, GVR, western aspect.

Kakamega Forest National Reserve How to get there

Upon your arrival at the global airport, our motive force will choose you up. And take you to your resort in Nairobi wherein you’ll spend the night, and if active enough. We provide you with a detour across the exceptional town in East Africa, Nairobi.

Kakamega Forest National Park Strangler fig tree

Due to the massive distance between Nairobi and Kakamega. We can book chartered flights to and from the park.

However, understand the reality that a number of you’re for the lengthy exiting avenue safaris. And this is why we make car journey preparations on your behalf.

Ensuring you revel in a cheap, snug, and pleasurable Kenyan safari is usually our number one objective.

Kakamega Forest National Reserve


Accommodation in the Kakamega National Park The park has a huge variety of relaxation locations starting from Kenya Wildlife Service campsites to guesthouses.

Kenya Safaris ee-e book the quality resting vicinity earlier your touchdown to this surprising country.

And in case you need something a touch cushier than a campsite in Kakamega wooded area then we’ve Rondo Retreat and Golf Hotel.

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Kakamega Forest National Reserve Wildlife

The majestic black and white colobus monkey along with flying squirrels, blue monkey, and potto (the world’s slowest mammal) are most of the attractions.


Forest buck, duikers, and dik-diks also are discovered as are the endangered Turner’s remotely, Charpin’s flycatcher, and the voice mimicking African gray parrot.

The wooded area is domestic to the endangered DeBrazza’s monkey discovered on the remoted Kisere Forest Reserve.

Kakamenga Forest/photo

Best time to visit

All year round.

Malaria & Vaccination

An experience in Kenya may require a few vaccinations. Due to the excessive altitude, there’s little malaria in Kakamega Forest.

However, antimalarial is recommended, mainly in case you also are touring someplace else in Kenya.

Other precautions which include masking up uncovered pores and skin at nightfall and making use of mosquito repellent containing DEET additionally help.


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