How to Get National ID in Kenya
How to Get National ID in Kenya

How to Get National ID in Kenya

Cheking the Status of Your Kenya National  Identity Card Application Online

All Kenyans aged 18 and above must mandatorily obtain National Identity Cards.Upon turning 18 years old, individuals must present themselves before a registration officer within 90 days and apply for an identification card. Failure to do so may require presenting a court affidavit to prove one’s identity and provide reasons for the delay.

How to Get National ID in Kenya
How to Get National ID in Kenya

Once you have registered, you will be issued with Application for Registration Certificate form Reg. 103 which you will surrender in exchange for a new identity card. This process takes 60 days. You can track online the status of your ID or through SafariCom SMS number 2031 by sending the 9 digit serial number on the form 103.

Kenya National Identity Card is the main and legal identification document recognized in Kenya. You must provide it to open a bank account, register a business, for employment, acquire a driving license, and transact mobile phone banking and many other uses that require proof of identity. Keep your ID card safe and free from damage all the time.

The Government is currently working on provision of a new 3rd generation ID card that will be operational from year 2010. The new ID will include more security features and more personal details than the current one. Be on the lookout for new information from the eService for Kenya.

Here are the various types of national identification registrations

  1. Initial Registration
  2. Replacement Registration
  3. Duplicate Registration
  4. Change of Particulars

I have been on the blunt side of the Kenyan system concerning National Identification. Having applied for ID replacement and waited for eight months.

I had to visit the registration office in my district periodically, only to be repeatedly informed that I had to wait.

Nowadays, you can check the status of your national ID card processing online or through SMS.

To check whether the ID is ready, enter the first 9 digits of the serial number on the waiting card…

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