Driving Licenses       
Driving Licenses      

Driving Licenses          

What you need to know

A driving license is a permit that authorizes an individual to drive / operate a vehicle or motor cycle on the road. There are several categories of driving licenses, namely:

Driving Licenses      
Driving Licenses

Class “E” – allows a driver to drive light vehicles only.

Class “B,C and E” – allows driver to drive both light vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles.

“I” – This is a special license that incorporates authority to drive articulated motor vehicles, prime movers, forklifts, shovels, e.t.c

Following are the requirements for obtaining a driving license

  • The applicant must be over 18 years of age when applying for a motor vehicles driving license, and over 16 years of age when applying for a motor cycle license.
  • Copy of National Identity card and two recent passport size photographs of the applicant.
  • Duly filled Form VII obtained from the Road Transport Department offices or the District Commissioners offices.
  • The applicant must have leant how to drive at a registered driving school.
  • The applicant must also undergo a driving test examination that is conducted by driving test examiners (police officers)

The Road Transport Department offices or any District Commissioner’s Office requires the successful applicant to pay a prescribed fee. They issue an interim Driving License to the applicant while they wait for the actual driving license to be issued.

Kenya revenue authority would like to inform all drivers that it is an offence under the Traffic Act to operate or drive a vehicle without a driving license.

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