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Climb Blue sky is an outdoor tower at Purdy Arms in Karen run by Climb Blue Sky Adventures limited.

Climb Blue-sky Community offers a wide range of services which include ;

  • Year-spherical relational ministry applications for center and excessive college students.
  • Weekly discipleship groups, youngsters groups, religious retreat weekends, partnering with Camp Blue Sky and Blue Sky Adventures, and different unique occasions at some point of the year.
  • Investing money into Community applications to serve teens and households as well.

Outside Nairobi, wall climbing can be done at savage wilderness in Sagana and in Nanyuki. For experienced climbers, rock climbing is offered at Lukenya and Hell’s Gate National Park, Naivasha.

Climbing Blue sky Activities/Traditions

With Blue sky adventures you are able to Enjoy the following activities.

I) Blue Mountain groups

Campers move through the ranges depending on their school year while growing up at camp. Each mountain group has its own shared cheers, colors and activities that become more and more adventurous the higher you climb the mountain. Each one is named after an East African peak, from the smallest to the largest!

Girls – Suswa, Satima, Meru, Lenana, & Kenya

Boys – Logonot, Lengai, Elgon, Kibo, & Kili

II) Blue sky Chumvi and Nuru teams,

These are the two big teams on the pitch that compete all week. And it’s GORGEOUS! Every camper is on a team on their first day at camp, and once a chumvi (red team) or nuru (blue team), always a chumvi or nuru – one day your kids will be the same! The names come from Eve. Matthew 5:13-16 in Kiswahili, where Jesus describes his disciples as the chumvi (salt) and nuru (light) of the world.


MAC (Men After Christ) and SWAG (Strong Women After God) are camp programs that allow campers to spend special time together as boys or girls. It’s a time to enjoy friendship and fun, celebrate who they are as people made in God’s image, and learn to support and respect one another, on and off the field. There is some competition (it’s a field, after all!) with cheers and games, but the emphasis is still on respect and celebration!

IV) Gold Rocks

Campers search for gold stones around the campsite every morning: the house with the most at the end of the week wins the coveted pearl of the chain.

V) Cheetah Clue

Cheetah is the emblem of the camp that is hidden every day. The house that solves the puzzle and finds the cheetah wins a prize!

VI) Lion Pride

The pride of the lion’s Pride Challenge is available for our senior campers to challenge their body, mind and heart. Although there are many elements, key elements include lighting a fire, remembering the scriptures, being silent, and running. Few people go to Lion Pride, but even trying is an honor!

VII) Camp Necklace

Field collar campers and employees can add Camp beads to their necklaces year after year. Everyone gets their Mountain Group Pearl each week, but there are also Pearls up for grabs: Gold Rock, Chumvi/Nuru, Mountain Shield, Honor Camper, Lion’s Pride and more.

The growing necklace is a sign of history at Camp BlueSky! Fires at the summit It’s the grand finale of camp: big campfire, cheers, chants, Say So (campers share what they’ve learned this week), games, torches and tent dances! It’s an incredible moment of reflection and celebration.

  Blue sky Charges

Charges depend on the type of programme registered.

Traditional Camp Programme

Standard Package is ksh 62,500

Late Rate ksh 68,750

Adventure Camp Kili/Kenya Programme

Standard Rate : ksh 68,750

Late Rate : ksh 75,000

Junior Counselor

Rates will depend on number of session a counselor serves and normally discussed at the interview session. 

Blue sky Contacts


P.O. Box 1415 – 00621

Nairobi, Kenya

Office location.

6th Floor, Old Tower, Diamond Plaza, Masari Road, Parklands.

Hotels and Restaurants Near Blue sky

  • Zuru Bar and Restaurant
  • Cloud Hotel & Suites Sky Hotel Nairobi
  • Fourth Parklands Guest House
  • Diamond Plaza Apartments

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