Accidents in Kenya
Accidents in Kenya

Accidents in Kenya

Road carnage is one major problem in Kenya, ending lives of many innocent people. Road accidents are causing the deaths of a significant number of people in the country, according to recent statistics.

Accidents in Kenya
Accidents in Kenya

To cub this menace the government through the ministry of transport has introduced a new system of mobile judicially. This is in an aim to reduce the number of accidents and deaths on roads through reckless driving.

The law offenders are penalized on the spot since modern technology has broadly simplified things. The traffic police officers have been provided with special cameras which have the ability to capture different things as far as a distance of half kilometer.

Interestingly, the opening of the new road appears to have led to an increase in the accident rate, particularly on Section ‘B’. Conducting a proper study is necessary to determine the accuracy of this observation. Nonetheless, we have observed that all vehicles are maintaining significantly higher speeds compared to before. Additionally, we have recorded heavy goods vehicles exceeding 100kph and buses exceeding ll0Kph, despite the legal speed limit for these vehicles being 8OKph.

Obviously, the impact of accidents at high speeds is much more severe than when the vehicles moved previously at low speeds due to the extremely poor road conditions. The C88 / A 104 Flyover Bridge has successfully eliminated the accident “black spot,” resulting in evident benefits. The road over rail fly-over bridges have effectively eliminated incidents of vehicle collisions with trains.

The cause of these road accidents

Also heavy penalties have been put to anyone who will be found breaking these traffic  rules .The cause of these road accidents is associated with;

  1. Overtaking
  2. Over-speeding
  3. Overloading
  4. Careless driving
  5. Ignorance of traffic signs (rules)
  6. Driving un – roadworthy vehicle
  7. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  8. Driving when sick
  9. Conditions of the road
  10. Condition of the weather

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